TDJ Construction

Our quotation process

On initial contact we will make an appointment to see you at your convenience to make an onsite visit to peruse any plans or ideas that you have for the work required.

Within 5 working days we will furnish you with a Quotation/Estimate summarising details of what needs to be purchased along with current market prices with a detailed report of work to be carried out. All Labour and materials will be listed separately so you can see from the first the expected expenditure.

Quotations can be sent by e-mail or post and prices quoted will be kept stable from date of receipt for 60 days



In keeping with current legislation for late payment we require payments to be made in full within 14 days of date of invoice which will be sent on job completion.

If payment is received promptly on time then interest and compensation detailed on invoice can be ignored.

The interest and compensation is standard business practice and Credit Management Techniques are in line with current legislation.

Compensation is accordance with the size of the debt as follows;-

Up to £999.99…………£40

£1000-£10,000 ………£70

£10,000 or more…….£100

Reference rate 0.05% and Interest Rates 8.5% (reference rate plus 8%)


Here at TDJ Construction we don’t ask for any money up front all we do ask is full payment is received on completion.

We no longer take payments by cheque.

Alternatively you may pay BAC’S to the bank details below.


Sort code; 110420

Account number; 00545728