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About TDJ Construction

I am Tom. Owner and proprietor of TDJ Construction. The Building Trade has been a passion of mine since I was a young lad. When I was 15 I was lucky enough to do work experience with local prestigious company SPRINGFIR Estates for 2 weeks. After which I was offered a Saturday job until completion of my schooling and GCSEs at age 16. I then was offered a Brick Laying Apprenticeship which I completed and continued to work for them until the company was sold.

After Springfir Estates I worked as a sub-contractor working with various operations large and small learning all aspects of the industry, until I set up my own business in 2007 which has gone from strength to strength building up a good customer rapport that I am glad to say I can furnish recommendations from a variety of customers.

If you are looking for reliable, highly recommended workmanship then contact us without delay at 01536 713209.

We are happy to receive your calls anytime of the day and at weekends.